Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who made it?

Even if you didn't get your name on the original post, if you were "refined sugar-free" from Monday till Sunday leave a comment telling everyone you did it, and how great you feel (or how much you want a chocolate sunday!!) and we will make the drawing Monday morning and post the winner.
Good Luck


  1. Rob and I both did it. It's nice not to be a slave to my sugar cravings, I am always amazed at how much sugar I was consuming, just by how often I turn it down.

  2. I did it! I do feel healthier by making better choices!

  3. Oh yes, count me in!!! Although I am eating a real chocolate chip cookie as I type...just a snack a neighbor brought by. I couldnt toss them!!

    I think I am pretty health aware, but even at that, I am surprised at how much sugar I consume.

  4. Joni and Seth facebooked me to tell me they did it! Hooray!!