Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Cravings Begin!

So, I didn't sleep very much last night and we started just the same. Lack of sleep seems to be my biggest challenge when I am cutting out sugar. That and the lack of good food in my house. First on the list is to purge the Christmas junk and take a trip to Trader Joes for some unsweetened dried fruit, Good Earth herbal tea, honey and maple syrup. These are going to be my best friends this year.
Feel free to comment with any of your favorite "craving-busters".
Happy Healthy New Year!

The new Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook, is completely refined sugar free and all made with natural sweetner. Can't wait to bake my way through that one!

1 comment:

  1. ooooh yay!!!! Excited to get that cookbook. You're zoo handy to have around. .. haha
    Um, favorite craving with no sugar added PB, popcorn cures my craving for everything...but I won't be able to have that after this next week...blah! Um, ooh my goodness, you have to try these::::
    coconut popsicles, they are soooo good, and don't have any extra junk!

    ok, hope that helps! Wish me luck, tomorrow is when it all kicks in for me. ugh!