Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fight the Cravings

Okay here are some snack ideas to help fight off the cravings (which will go away after a while, I promise!)

If you are craving Candy- Un-sweetened dried fruit (Trader Joes has great pineapple and mango)

Salty/Sweet- "Caramel" Popcorn (pop your fav low-cal air or microwave brand, drizzle with 1Tblsp butter cooked until brown and bubbley with 2Tblsp of Honey) You can also make this caramel and keep some in the fridge for later!

Ice Cream- Freeze chopped up ripe(not overripe) bananas in a ziploc and blend as many as you would like in a food processor or blender. For variation you can top with nuts, cinnamon, "caramel" topping, mix in some strawberries, raspberries. The bananas make the best consistency and are a great "ice cream" base. The Biggest Loser cookbook has a fudge sauce made with Agave and cocoa powder that would be amazing on top.

Chocolate- Unsweetened baking chocolate melted and mixed with honey or agave to taste makes a great substitute

Soda- Most groceries stores sell sparkling 100% fruit juice. Trader Joes has some great varieties. The carbonation isn't the best for you, but it's a lot better than all the sugar for special occasions.

Hot Chocolate/Ciders- There are a lot of recipes for sugar-free hot chocolate, I haven't tried them yet. However, warming up 100% fruit juice with some cinnamon works great, or Good Earth makes a brand of tea that is caffiene-free and is called Sweet&Spicy. It is fantastic to sit and sip at night while watching TV with some popcorn.

My brother in law also says that if you are really having a hard time go brush your teeth.

Please comment with any others you love!


  1. these are totally desserts! :-) my favorite snack was always celery with some natural peanut butter on it. Lately it is whole wheat toast with a little honey or just a handful of my homemade trail mix. Thanks for all these ideas! I will check it daily for inspiration!

  2. I love a nice glass of orange Julius minus the added sugar, homemade whole wheat bread with honey butter, a banana or Cascades whole milk vanilla yogurt.